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The blog:, is here to inspire people into a more sustainable way of living and possibly boosting their everyday quality of happy life. We can´t destroy the future on our planet, the future for our kids, by continuing doing the wrong things. It´s you and me that have the power to make a difference. Together, we, the population, of this beautiful blue and green planet, can change the reality of today, through habits, demand of sustainable and renewable products, adapting to a more circular economy, gaining awareness about environmental and climate issues, as well as knowledge on how to cope with the biggest challenge for mankind so far, saving the Earth...  

Björn Petterson writes a Sustainable blog well worth following. Check it out!

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AdventureAid came to life one day in August in 2011. Within a week I decided to pack my Mothers old 3-speed lady's-bike and head south, for Europe.
The goal of the adventure was to collect signed football-jersey's from around Europe and then auction them off and give the money to charity. After two months of cycling I was back in Sweden and continued to raise money for the cause there.
AdventureAid has raised 168 000 SEK for the RedCross's project to help re-habilitate Child-soldiers in Liberia. there are two centres in Liberia that helps young children to a better life after this traumatic experience.
With a new project launched we hope to help raise money to Världens Barn ( An adventure that is ment to take us by bicycle from Anchorage, Alaska to Miami, Florida. A distance of 10 000 km. To help raise the money, companies and individuals are welcome to donate money. You donate the money, and We bicycle the distance...

Kenneth Wallin is AdventureAid. Read more about his projects here!

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Music is the tool with which we wield political prowess. Melody for the roots of each of us…spreading song and sound around the globe. Music has become our script for vision, not for aural pleasure, not just for hobby, but now to connect and create in ways that we aren’t taught by mainstream culture. We are building a community and tackling social injustice through melody, making the stage reach out with octopus arms to gather a great family.

Sisters Leah & Chloe - Rising Appalachia, are some of the frontier PeaceGreenSoulWarriors of our time! Check out their work here